How Telcom plays a key role in Britain's Superfast Broadband digital future
One of the newest initiatives pushing the next generation of connectivity in Britain is the Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) scheme. Telcom is a proud supporter of the scheme for many reasons but mostly... more ›
Defining the next generation of Internet Provider
Attempting to define the culture that has underpinned this incredibly fast growing company since its fruition and beginning to flesh out Telcom's vision for the future.
Designing an internet provider website that people love
Our thinking behind what makes a great website for an internet provider and some of the main highlights of this new build.
Making it easier to choose your connection
Choosing a connection can be tough - there is a lot of jargon to wade through and options to balance. These are some of the recent changes we've made to make it easier for customers to make up their... more ›
Introducing Telcom Unity: A Free Wi-Fi SuperFast Network for the Community
Telcom Unity is a superfast Free Wi-Fi network we're launching in Manchester's Northern Quarter. As a member of the community it's incredibly important to us that we support our local community and... more ›
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