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Our market-leading commercial property solution that upgrades your property’s connectivity infrastructure and gets your occupiers online with hyperfast internet as soon as they move in

Upgrade your asset with full-fibre infrastructure and unlock a seamless connectivity experience for free.

Attract commercial tenants with Preconnect® and fill voids in your rent

Upgrade your building with a hyperfast, full fibre network, installed and fully funded by Telcom. Give your tenants an unparalleled connection experience by enabling them to get connected to 10Gbps internet in as little as 24 hours.

Unlock 10Gbps internet in as little as 24 hours

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Preconnect® is fully funded by Telcom

With Preconnect®, there is absolutely no cost to the building owner or management company in terms of the upfront installation or ongoing management. The installation and upgrade are fully funded by Telcom, and our revenue comes from offering our best in class connectivity services to your tenants.

Once your building has been upgraded, Preconnect® unlocks a variety of valuable add-on products and services, which are available to be bolted on at anytime.

Remove wayleave headaches

Move-in dates shouldn’t be dictated by the date an occupier’s connectivity goes live and the biggest cause for delay is usually down to the internet service provider’s biased wayleave agreement.

That’s why our Preconnect® solution is designed around a master wayleave agreement, which covers the entire foundational Preconnect® infrastructure platform, along with the flexibility needed to append tenants as and when they have an agreement. The end result is that barriers to occupancy are removed, and your tenants get connected seamlessly, whilst leaving you with less paperwork to worry about.

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Attracts and retains occupiers

Attracts and retains occupiers

Connectivity is considered the third most important factor when searching for office space, behind only cost and location. Similar to water, gas, and electricity, connectivity is now considered to be the fourth utility.

However, unlike other utilities occupiers have traditionally been expected to bring their connectivity piping with them when taking space in a commercial building. Preconnect® changes that by transforming a building’s connectivity provision into a true utility, with infrastructure installed throughout and bandwidth available on tap.

Boosts connectivity ratings

Our Connected Buildings team are WiredScore accredited professionals with a deep understanding of WiredScore’s digital connectivity standards.

As a leader in connectivity and technology, Preconnect® targets a Platinum Wiredscore but guarantees a minimum connectivity rating of Gold. Should your building not achieve Gold, we commit to undertake the work required to improve the certification level free of charge. That’s our Preconnect® guarantee.

Boosts connectivity ratings

What’s included with Preconnect®

The anatomy of a Preconnect diagram

Anatomy of a Preconnect®

  • Preconnect® brings hyperfast connectivity with symmetrical speeds up to 10Gbps, delivered via fibre with wireless resiliency and 100% uptime available.
  • Fibre is pre-installed in the riser(s), with a distribution point per floor or per suite.
  •  Remove the biggest reason for connectivity delays by activating a master wayleave agreement that encompasses the entire asset.
  • A private internet connection for landlord or building management use, which can be upgraded or customised.
  • A WiFi access point is installed within the reception, which can be used for communal WiFi access or extended to cover any areas you desire.
  • Receive a dedicated connection concierge to help your occupiers get the most out of Preconnect® and get connected to a tailored solution as smoothly as possible.
  • No Code Powers. We understand code powers present concerns for landlords, which is why we purposely don’t include them so you have peace of mind.

Bringing benefits to both tenants & building owners

Occupier benefits

  • Get connected in as little as 24 hours
  • 100% uptime available
  • Symmetrical speeds up to 10Gbps
  • Transparent and affordable pricing
  • 24/7/365 UK-based support
  • Setup to handle complex requirements
  • Dedicated connection concierge

Building benefits

  • No cost solution
  • Reduced rental voids
  • Avoid wayleave headaches
  • Free landlord connection
  • Bespoke marketing collateral
  • Optional revenue share
Don't just take our word for it...
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Andy Benge the Estate Manager at Valentine Estate in London explains how Telcom have installed their Preconnect® full fibre internet solution to all their 5 buildings in central London. It enables new tenants to get connected with hyperfast dedicated full fibre internet connectivity when they move in as little as 24 hours. 

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