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Investing in infrastructure

We’re in the midst of a digital revolution. Across the North and in our home city of Manchester, the rise of new technologies and cloud services are radically transforming the way we live and work. The government investment in gigabit capable infrastructure will have a transformative effect on public services across GM and businesses can expect the new infrastructure to have a significant impact. Faster speeds, better reliability and less internet downtime are just some of the benefits of full fibre connectivity. Enabling access to a new generation of digital services will be a catalyst for innovation, promote creativity and drive the economic and social development of Manchester. Telcom’s investment in this next generation infrastructure, will, in a very short space of time have impact from the city centre to all boroughs in Greater Manchester.

Telcom began their journey into digital infrastructure deployment in their home city of Manchester with the NHS, Google and the Lad Bible being some of the first to benefit from ultrafast internet connectivity. Access to cutting edge internet services is now the 4th most important factor when businesses are deciding where to have their offices.

Without world class connectivity Manchester will struggle to retain globally competitive businesses and attract new and emerging industries to the city.  We are proud to call the Northern Quarter home. It is renowned for its independence, unique offer and diversity of start ups.

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But the Northern Quarter is changing at a rapid pace, and while this investment and growth in welcome, we want to play our part in ensuring supporting this thriving Quarter and ensure any unintended consequences are mitigated. That’s why we are investing in the digital infrastructure required to offer superfast, affordable fibre internet to help give these great businesses the tools to stay here and thrive.

No longer is ‘fast’ internet a nice to have, it is a necessity. Internet access plays a critical role in the day-to-day operations of businesses and industry. The demand for dedicated full-fibre is continuing to grow, by enabling better access to cloud-based services and providing data speeds 10Gbps is become the norm. Without continued investment in infrastructure we risk falling further behind and losing the globally competitive reputation we have built here in Manchester, that attracts and retains so many businesses to the city.

Telcom’s continued investment into open access networks and digital exchanges across the North West, whilst delivering a bespoke network in the heart of the city provides the resiliency and scale needed. The transformational network unleashes a wide range of new possibilities for businesses and organisations, without being inhibited by the restrictions and congestion often experienced with traditional internet services.

With its unlimited potential, internet access will continue to impact our lives as technology progresses. The internet has enabled business to automate processes, collaborate globally and reach customers all over the world. Internet connectivity is the life blood of the digital revolution and we are glad to be leading the way here in Manchester.

Manchester Northern Quarter

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