Annual price change guidance: March 2022
Business costs and inflation are at an all-time high, with the UK’s RPI (retail prices index) rate expected to rise to 9.8% this year. Nonetheless, even after this incredibly challenging... more ›
Help for our hometown
Telcom are helping the Manchester businesses and their staff get back into our city by helping them back online quicker.
Changing job and chasing money in the midst of a pandemic
What a crazy year! Particularly for those of us who have moved into new jobs; whether that be through redundancy, business closure or simply because it was the right time for us to take the next step... more ›
Empowering our People to Empower our Customers
How Telcom are using collaboration and agility to delight our customers and forge a new direction in the telecommunications industry
The key ingredients of a connected building
With all the doom & gloom around people returning to work, there is no better time than ever to make sure your building has the best connectivity.
Telcom launch their Bounce Back Connection Scheme to help businesses move back into their offices
Telcom are mindful that the immediate financial impact of the coronavirus has been severe to many and businesses are looking at what financial support is available from their service providers. This... more ›
Telcom independently extends government's funding to make ultrafast business internet more attainable
Recognising the value that a £2,500 discount would be to many businesses, Telcom have taken up the mantle and worked hard to now offer our Telcom Gigabit Voucher Scheme for eligible businesses.
The 3 key questions you should ask and avoid when buying business internet
Comparing business internet service providers (ISP) is a tricky task so Edward Davies, our new Head of Relationships has written a guide about alternative questions to ask.
Never be without the internet again!
Our groundbreaking and totally unique approach to Fibre Broadband provision.
Future Proofing the North West's Digital infrastructure
Future Proofing the North West’s Digital infrastructure Comment - Sean Anstee Telcom Infrastructure