We're supporting the Manchester (Central) Youth Hack
We're supporting the Manchester (Central) Youth Hack
What are the fastest cities (and countries) in the world?
Which cities have the fastest internet in the world? We look at the UK, Europe, and the world to find who has the fastest connectivity.
VoIP landlines: how to make your home more connected, for less.
So is it time for the telephone and the internet to share the same line once again?
Santa vs Internet: who's faster?
How fast is fibre internet in miles travelled, and how does it fare against Santa, who must reach millions of children in just a few hours? Here's the ultimate Christmas showdown.
SpaceX plans to bring internet to outer space
SpaceX has requested permission to create a network of satellites to beam internet from space. What are the implications for the future of the internet?
WiredScore is coming to Manchester to make building connectivity transparent
WiredScore has created the first standardised rating system, Wired Certification, to measure how resilient and reliable a building’s connection to the internet is. The UK’s digital... more ›
Chancellor Philip Hammond to announce 400m investment in fibre broadband infrastructure
The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, is expected to pledge £400m of public funds to extend the UK’s “full-fibre” broadband network in the Autumn Statement on Wednesday.
Connecting businesses to a world class data centre
We have partnered up with LDeX, to pair ultrafast internet with their colocation facilities in Manchester.
Faster internet deserves better calls.
VoIP is the smart landline for your office, whether you're a big team or a one-man wolf pack.
Connecting coworking spaces to ultrafast business internet
We are partnering with the largest coworking space ecosystem in the UK to bring business internet to more communities.