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Being involved with delivering networks to commercial buildings for over 10 years, I have seen the trend move towards getting the best possible speed available. As more and more work is done online, the desire to have quicker speeds becomes one of the biggest drivers in today’s market when looking for commercial space.

What can you do to make sure your building has the best connectivity?

Two key things building owners can do to ensure their buildings’ connectivity is great for tenants, are:

  1. ensure each building has a proactive tenant connectivity plan in place, and
  2. offer their tenants a choice of internet provider in the building.

Most landlords will always stipulate that Openreach is connected to their buildings but more and more are exploring additional different options to go alongside them, such as Telcom’s free Preconnect solution.

We’ve built our Preconnect Solution to address 3 of the main tenant and landlord requirements for in-building connectivity:

  1. offering the maximum connection speed,
  2. minimising delivery timescales, and
  3. maximising connection resilience.

Connection Speed

As a landlord, the connection speed available to tenants is crucial. With more and more data being consumed daily, having different providers within the building helps create competition to drive the best possible speeds that they can achieve. At Telcom we can provide some of the fastest connection speeds in the country - up to 10Gbps - with our Preconnect solution.

Delivery Timescales

At Telcom we work with Landlords to pre-enable buildings instead of waiting for an order to be placed by a tenant like other providers do. This helps remove the additional delay which can prove to be a large hurdle in terms of lease dates for landlords. Typically a standard internet connection can take from 30 days to 90 days and longer, but with the Telcom preconnect solution, our cables would be already in your building before that tenant moves in, reducing the time it takes to bring building units online down to 7 days while also allowing your building to boast one of the fastest connection speeds in the country. 

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