What is 5G and why it matters
Everything you need to know about the future (and present) of 5G, and our vision for the near future of ultrafast internet as a standard.
Gigabit Voucher scheme: how ultrafast broadband will impact Leeds and West Yorkshire businesses by 2023
We ask local institutions how ultrafast internet will impact the tech sector in West Yorkshire in the next 5 years, and how the Gigabit Voucher scheme will contribute.
Telcom: Gigabit Voucher supplier for West Yorkshire
We are part of the UK Gov Broadband scheme to connect small and medium-sized businesses to superfast broadband, upgraded for free.
Meet the team: Rob and Gaz from the Telcom field team
Get to know the people that make Telcom possible. This month, meet Rob and Gaz from the engineering team, installing the network, and cabling copper and fibre all the way to our customer's premises.
What is blown fibre? (How we make buildings ultrafast)
What is the difference between fibre and blown fibre? Plus...watch our engineers make a building ultrafast.
We're supporting the Manchester (Central) Youth Hack
We're supporting the Manchester (Central) Youth Hack
What are the fastest cities (and countries) in the world?
Which cities have the fastest internet in the world? We look at the UK, Europe, and the world to find who has the fastest connectivity.
Discussing PropTech in Manchester
Edwards & co and Telcom held a business breakfast to discuss the future of building connectivity and tech in the North.
VoIP landlines: how to make your home more connected, for less.
So is it time for the telephone and the internet to share the same line once again?
Santa vs Internet: who's faster?
How fast is fibre internet in miles travelled, and how does it fare against Santa, who must reach millions of children in just a few hours? Here's the ultimate Christmas showdown.
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