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Trusted by businesses

Thousands of businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, use Telcom’s connectivity and application services to access the internet, communicate, and to protect and manage their businesses digitally.

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Trusted by landlords

Hundreds of commercial landlords, from sovereign wealth funds to pension funds, use Telcom’s leading connected building product to deploy plug and play fibre connectivity infrastructure to future proof their buildings and win tenants.

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Business Solutions

Solutions for businesses at every scale

Small business

1-20 people

Empower and equip your small business with hyperfast pure business broadband, with speeds up to 1Gbps.

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Medium business

20-250 people

Set your business on the fast track to scale with a flexible, scalable digital platform that grows and evolves with your business. Our Dedicated Internet Access ("DIA") is more than just a leased line, find out what it can do for your business.

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Enterprise business

250+ people

Keep pace with business transformation through digital technology: empower productivity, inspire engagement, improve the way you serve your customers, all with peace of mind and PureFibre.

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Property Solutions

Smart property connectivity solutions for Landlords & Developers

Preconnect - The UK’s leading and most advanced Connected Building product

We obsess over the right in-building plug and play infrastructure solutions so your tenants can access the services they need, when they need, and ultimately remove all friction associated with getting online, which in turn makes it easier to rent office space.


Your commercial building tenants, online with Telcom hyperfast internet as soon as they move in.

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Preconnect Estate

Your industrial estate or business park pre-connected to ultrafast internet before completion, or upgraded post completion.

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Why Telcom?

A customer-first approach to connectivity and property

Battle-tested reliability

A 100% full fibre network backed by real-time fibre monitoring, overlaid with a rapid wireless network providing quick connections and resilient backup. Our networks operate with 99.99% uptime and are highly scalable and redundant.

Our own network and engineers

We own the entire delivery stack which means we have turn key control over getting you connected to your service. We pride ourselves on our engineering and delivery teams capability as a key differentiator. We have the power to above and beyond to overcome any issues that arise.

Fastest-improving platform

We release hundreds of features and improvements each year to deliver the best service to our customers. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience.

Services and solutions you actually need

Our relationship based sales teams focus on recommending solutions you actually need, even if that means ruling ourselves out if we’re not the right fit. We believe in doing right by our customers

National Scale

The backbone for your business

For ambitious companies around the UK, Telcom makes getting connected as simple, fast, and programmable as the rest of the internet. Our teams are based in dozens of offices around the UK and we power terabytes of bandwidth each year for startups to large enterprises, whilst upgrading commercial property with cutting edge 21st century fibre infrastructure.

  • 100G Core network
  • 5000+ Customers
  • 100+ Preconnects
  • 400+ Connected buildings

Our relationship-based sales teams focus on recommending solutions you actually need, even if that means ruling ourselves out if we’re not the right fit. We believe in doing right by our customers

Our 100% full-fibre networks

Telcom owns and operates multiple 100% full fibre networks across business-dense locations in the UK, we call these our HyperCity networks.

HyperCity: Our vision for next generation city connectivity

HyperCities are designed provide fast and affordable gigabit internet for start-ups, entrepreneurs, big businesses and residents. Access to affordable high-speed internet can help businesses develop new ideas, products and services that deliver real solutions for the community and our future.

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