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    Happy Birthday Telcom

    Five years ago, it all started out with a dream to transform Britain’s digital infrastructure. Telcom founders Shaun, Thom and Ali shared the belief that the internet is a basic human right and when readily available, is a catalyst for economic growth, technological innovation and empowerment, with life-changing impact. To realise the Telcom mission, the team set out to create a company people could feel proud of working for and a business customers felt went above and beyond that of the traditional service provider. I think our CEO Shaun put it right when he said “it’s been a rollercoaster to say the least but worth every moment” - I second that!

    Birthday celebration
  2. One of Manchester’s oldest warehouses, the refurbished Bonded Warehouse dates back to the 1860s and only had access to very basic internet infrastructure. The building, owned by Allied London has become recognised as the place in Manchester for enterprise, creativity and innovative working and is the first addition to the new St John’s project. Having a world class internet infrastructure was essential to attracting and retaining tenants.

    Manchester Victorian Building
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    Recode - A free coding bootcamp, open to everyone

    Telcom Group today launched their not for profit, free coding school. ‘Recode’ will launch first in Bolton with 500 students nationally set to benefit over the next three years. The coding school will be a drop in facility for anyone wishing to find out about coding, offering some potential students the opportunity of a place on a three month intensive coding bootcamp. These intensive bootcamp’s will equip students with the skills they need to compete for future employment in the digital sector. The first class of 2019 will be open to budding coders from any background with no previous experience of coding necessary.

    Laptops from the side
  4. In a world of smartphones, is the landline still in use? Having a dedicated office phone is fundamental to communicate with customers personally, handle sales conversations, onboarding new customers, and provide customer support.

  5. The job that sticks out is a job we did in Spinningfields putting in a fibre link: I have never experienced such torrential rain like on that day. Morale was low but we managed to work as a team and get the job in regardless. At the end, everyone was soaking wet, but we managed to complete a very challenging installation and overcome a turbulent night working together as a team. It was a testing day, but it got us closer as a team.

    James Braden
  6. Landlords up and down the country tell us that internet connectivity is a key requirement for their commercial tenants. Yet, they often find themselves waiting months to have a service installed.

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    What is 5G and why it matters

    5G is the upcoming evolution of wireless internet, succeeding 4G LTE which is currently the standard for mobile internet. Depending on the connection available, your phone will say either 4G or LTE next to the signal strength bars (unless you’re on a train, then any G would be welcome).

    Mobile phone in hand
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    Telcom: Gigabit Voucher supplier for West Yorkshire

    The UK Government recently announced the launch of the first stage of a £200 million scheme to help bring the UK’s fastest and most reliable broadband to businesses across the country, starting with four local areas.

    Fibre cable effect