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Recode - The pathway for progression into a career in Tech

Across our community, many people are working hard to make ends meet. Here in Greater Manchester, we want people to have a stable place to live, work and encourage small business owners to expand and people gain a high-quality education that prepares them for the workforce.

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My journey into tech has not been a simple or cheap one and I have had the support of my family and friends to enable me to realise my goals. After receiving a scholarship at Manchester codes, coupled with my several roles in the technology industry, I quickly realised these opportunities weren’t available to everyone to pursue a tech career and I wanted to change that. Setting up Recode is my chance to start readdressing the balance. Recode CIC is a coding bootcamp introducing and exposing those from low-income backgrounds to the opportunities in technology.

Greater Manchester has a long history of collaboration with local not for profit organisations and community leaders committed to make a positive impact by addressing urgent issues such as affordable housing, small business growth, access to education and sustainability. The region has an ambitious vision for economic growth and prosperity which I feel is underpinned by skills and workforce development aligned to the application of technology skills.

The program, looks for people who are hungry and determined, willing to put in the time and effort to become a software developer, but also able to adapt to new and unfamiliar environments. Recode will make a strong contribution to social mobility in the region, as it creates the pathways for progression and equips every student to go out into the world ready to play their part and be successful on an increasingly competitive and challenging global stage.

The first pilot in Bolton will be vitally important for the future competitiveness and sustainability of the town and will help to address some of the social mobility issues.  Being a local girl from Bolton I am determined to help people and communities, especially in areas where people do not have access to development because of financial barriers. Social mobility is so critical to the people of Greater Manchester and nationally. Inequality still exists in Britain and it is going to become even more important that people have the chance to make the most of themselves no matter where they are from. Bolton has the opportunity to flourish and do well by investing in talent and equipping the people of town with skills they need for the future

Photography of the event

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