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  1. After leaving the Armed forces, after serving fourteen years, I served three years employed by Metronet (now M247) before moving to Telcom last year. After leaving the Armed forces I was contacted by a close friend (Lee Lawrence - then operations director of M247) who offered me a role within the engineering department at Metronet (now M247).

    Telcom Vans
  2. At Telcom UK, we welcome the Treasury’s intention to announce a dedicated investment to accelerate the adoption of high-speed internet across the country, and are looking forward to the full Autumn Statement tomorrow.

    Telephone box
  3. Across our community, many people are working hard to make ends meet. Here in Greater Manchester, we want people to have a stable place to live, work and encourage small business owners to expand and people gain a high-quality education that prepares them for the workforce.

    Photography of the event
  4. At Telcom, thinking differently is at the very core of who we are. We're always on the lookout for new ideas and as a crucial part of that, we're always keen to support and inspire the next generation of talented digital innovators.

    Office desk
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    Q&A - ISDN switch off

    18 November 2022

    In 2025, telephony in the UK will change as we know it, thanks to the most fundamental upgrade to the way we make and take calls since the 1980s.

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    Empowering our People to Empower our Customers

    30 October 2020

    Our lives are entwined with technology. We see as it becomes more innovative than it was last week, more fluid than it was the day before. We see the constant improvements that it brings us and how it makes our lives easier instead of harder. Why then, when we often deal with the telecommunications industry does it feel like the reverse is true?

    Group of people around a laptop
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    We manage infrastructure so you don't have to

    1 December 2022

    When Telcom Networks first launched, we made it easier for developers and landlords to build and own their own duct and fibre networks while minimising the infrastructure management burden. In the past 8 years, however, full fibre network deployment has rocketed, which means the appetite for alternative network (Altnets) providers to access existing duct space is more than most landlords can handle. Landlords with private duct networks are now expected to be telecommunications expects in terms of how they offer and facilitate communication provider interconnection and traversal of their private estate networks.

    Telcom Managed Infrastructure
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    PureBroadband - Reimagining business broadband

    13 October 2022

    In telecommunications, a broadband signalling method is one that handles a wide band of frequencies. As such the term "Broadband" is considered to be relative and understood according to its context. The wider (or broader) the bandwidth of a channel, the greater the data-carrying capacity, given the same channel quality.