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When Telcom Networks first launched, we made it easier for developers and landlords to build and own their own duct and fibre networks while minimising the infrastructure management burden. In the past 8 years, however, full fibre network deployment has rocketed, which means the appetite for alternative network (Altnets) providers to access existing duct space is more than most landlords can handle. Landlords with private duct networks are now expected to be telecommunications expects in terms of how they offer and facilitate communication provider interconnection and traversal of their private estate networks.

New proposals such as ‘2016 PIA Consultation’ have led to the opening up of Openreach’s duct and pole network to Altnets via its access product, known as physical infrastructure access (PIA), which has established a template those landlords with private duct networks are expected to follow. However a high number of landlords either lack the in-house technical expertise to facilitate such access to their networks or the ability to manage and facilitate the process.

Re-Introducing Managed Infrastructure

When we first launched Managed Infrastructure in 2014, our management wrap around a landlord’s existing telecommunications infrastructure, we imagined that it would be useful for landlords who wanted to turn what might have been a liability into an asset that would be of benefit to their tenants.

Telcom Managed Infrastructure

While Managed Infrastructure is indeed very helpful for landlords, we’ve since realised that Managed Infrastructure’s real value is helping landlords commercialise their infrastructure investment and help Altnets avoid overbuild. Unless a landlord intends to support all of the considerations involved in coordinating with communications providers (route planning, interconnection, as-builts), they’ll unlock potentially unrealised revenue and save many estate management hours by using Managed Infrastructure.

“Managed Infrastructure is one of the most helpful fibre management products I have come across and it has allowed us to offer an unparalleled customer experience across our Spinningfields neighbourhood that we would have struggled to be able to accomplish otherwise.”

Gabriel Erinle, Director at All Plus

Enhance your tenant experience with a better connection flow

What does that mean in practice? Well, teams of highly qualified Telcom Infrastructure engineers obsess over every aspect of a private estate network, from reducing communication provider connection time to streamlining how landlords commercialise their infrastructure asset. We sweat the details to an extent that would be irrational for nearly any company building their own managed infrastructure platform.

Managed Infrastructure adapts to each landlord down to their aspiration for tenant experience and considerations around estate placemaking. For example, with Managed Infrastructure a landlord’s private estate is managed in such a way that it is flexible and responsive to the ever changing demands and requirements such as ensuring there are points of connection for estate furniture additions (CCTV, ANPR etc) where and when needed back into the landlord’s local area network.

Or if a tenant requires diverse connections into their location from different origination points across the estate, these are automatically identified —you don’t have to rely upon the communication providers to identify a solution. We just handle it for you.

Third party fibre ingress explanation

Always improving

Managed Infrastructure now offers a seamless wayleave experience with out-of-the-box support for 5G and landlord LAN, helping to scale a private estate duct networks potential, and lets a landlord customise the tenant experience to suit the aspirations of their estate with support for supplier choice, public WiFi, IoT, and more.

This helps a landlord increase occupancy with less work, benefiting from our investment in making the world’s simplest, easy to connect to telecommunications infrastructure experience.

Explore Managed Infrastructure or let us know how we can make private estate networks work better for you.

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