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When we launched PureFibre in 2017, our goal was to make it easier to access full fibre, hyperfast, dedicated business internet, in doing so help make bandwidth for businesses more equitable. Increasingly, a critical piece of optimising access to full fibre for businesses is allowing our customers to pay how they want to pay—whether that be via a standard 36 month contract or via a commitment free, pay as you go and pay for what you need, payment plan.

Not catering for the way the world has changed since Covid with the widespread adoption of Hybrid Working, can impact the amount of businesses who consider a full fibre dedicated internet circuit as a viable option for their business. That’s why today we’re introducing the first 100% flexible payment plan for full fibre dedicated internet access with Flex: the ‘pay as you go’ plan designed to give customers complete control and flexibility over how and when they consume PureFibre bandwidth allowing customers to only pay for what they use.

Add PureFibre without any strings attached

Taking a full fibre leased line grade business internet connection previously required signing up to a 36 or 60 month contract and thus a complete lack of flexibility. With an uncertain trading environment and a greater need for agility in terms of how to respond, businesses that need a full fibre dedicated internet connection are ruling themselves out in favour of a more flexible but less capable broadband connection.

Flex eliminates all of the strings attached to signing up for a dedicated full fibre internet connection. Now businesses can simply have a PureFibre connection installed with a Flex payment plan and benefit from complete control over how and when they use the connection to suit their business needs, meaning they can still benefit from the reliability and scalability of a leased line, but without the inflexibility and long term commitments commonly associated with taking such a service. Flex is available across each of Telcom’s PureFibre networks and within Telcom’s Preconnect connected buildings.

Here’s what else is new with Flex:

  • No minimum monthly commitment: With Flex you won’t pay anything if you don’t use it. There is no monthly line rental which means if you don’t need it one month it won’t cost you a penny.
  • Easily monitored: Usage is easily monitored via Telcom’s customer portal and automated usage alerts ensure business leaders are informed and always in control.
  • Switch at any time: Once installed you can switch your Flex payment plan to a standard contract at any time and without any cost, which means if your situation changes and you need a fixed monthly bill, so can your connection.
  • <5Mbps free: No day rate charge for any baseline level of bandwidth consumption (less than 5Mbps) supporting your connected devices such as CCTV, door access systems etc.

All these capabilities provide a business with complete control to maintain and use its internet connection to suit its own needs.

“Switching fibre providers is always rife with hassle and stress, which is why we only tend to do so if the service is extremely poor or we’re clearly paying too much. By taking a Telcom fibre service with Flex, we were able to get our new fibre connection installed 6 months before our existing services ran out, which removed all the concern surrounding the unforeseeable hurdles involved in getting connected, and without the cost concern of running two services simultaneously.”

Patrick, Cofounder, P&D Barbers

Built for backup

Flex enables businesses to install a 100% physically resilient backup full fibre internet connection and know that it’s there when they need it, but equally to only pay for it when they need it. As more and more businesses rely on a stable internet connection to power their daily business activity, it’s ever more important to ensure always on connectivity, which a Flex backup connection can provide without the considerable additional cost associated with having two internet connections. 

Flex Diagram on how it works

Swipe right with ease

Businesses can also switch providers with ease as a result of having a PureFibre Flex connection installed alongside their existing primary service provider. The Flex connection can run alongside an existing internet connection at no cost, until the end of the contract term, at which point the business can switch their primary internet connection over to Flex and upgrade to a standard fixed term contract if required, removing all the stress and hassle commonly associated with changing providers. 

Switching process for Flex

Keeping things simple with two bandwidth options, 1Gbps and 10Gbps, businesses opting for a Flex solution on Telcom’s PureFibre network can enjoy lightning-fast internet speeds that keep pace with their needs and guaranteed business continuity thanks to their 100% guaranteed uptime. Explore Flex to see if your business could benefit from complete full fibre flexibility.

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