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The Bonded Warehouse is connected to Telcom’s hyperfast full fibre and wireless network in Manchester. As a shared workspace, it’s vital that every new tenant can get fast reliable internet from day one. Symmetrical speed of up to 100Gbps is available all over the building, so people can work as easily in a meeting room or the coffee shop as they do sitting at a desk.

“We want to be posting as we’re shooting content, so regardless of where we are in the building, it’s important to have that seamless connectivity. If we didn’t have fantastic internet it would be a nightmare, unworkable. I’m glad to say, it’s always reliable whether I’m sitting on the top floor or in the basement.”

Christian Gould, Managing Director, Blossom.

Symmetrical speeds are particularly important to Blossom as they upload a lot of video content. They shoot video and photography all around the building, so they need the internet to work wherever they are.

Connectivity is never an issue

The Bonded Warehouse is a large, old building (it was a railway terminus in the 1800s) so there were challenges to overcome transforming it into a modern workspace. With Telcom Preconnect, the landlord and tenants never need to worry about the speed or reliability of their connection. Our SLA guarantees 100% uptime.


Blossom is a creative social media agency based in Department Bonded Warehouse, a unique work, wellness and social space in the heart of Manchester. They work with established and ambitious new brands delivering strategy, creativity and content across social media platforms and beyond.

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