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Enabling an outstanding connectivity experience.

Connectivity is critical to businesses ever growing demand for capacity and bandwidth. Customers have an increasing need to expand their services and deliver on a global scale. June saw the soft launch of our new division Telcom Wholesale, with the aim of disrupting the channel market, providing tailored solutions, comprehensive support and a personalised approach to communication providers. In a fast-moving business world, where customers need a flexible approach to connectivity and scalable bandwidth to run everything from cloud services to hosted telephony, our infrastructure and expertise at Telcom Wholesale are uniquely positioned to provide this.

The Telcom Wholesale Platform

Wholesale Platform screenshot

As an active user of Wholesale connectivity, we saw a gap in the market to allow our partners access to competitive pricing, excellent delivery & amazing support as standard. So that’s why we wanted to launch Wholesale. We have developed a portal that we wished existed in the channel and not only worked for us as a user but would transformed the experience for the industry. The portal has a clean and easy to use experience that gives partners all the same benefits of any of the mainstream carriers but with added functionality.

We have designed a customer portal that is intuitive for our partners to use and more and more we are seeing companies in the channel looking for a model that will give them a single bill for services. A single portal to quote and raise orders and a way to track and follow orders and services in one place. Telcom Wholesale does this and more.

How we’ll transform the Wholesale Market 

From our experience of working with larger carriers we have found automated updates for customers are often irrelevant, out of date and meaningless to the customer. This is really frustrating for us, so we can imagine it is for our partners too. Telcom Wholesale will transform this experience, our delivery and support teams will translate automated carrier updates into understandable, useful updates. We will also go one step further and respond preemptively to ensure all customer updates are meaningful.

“The launch of Telcom Wholesale sets a new bar and expectation in the channel market space. Born out of our commitment to transform the UK’s internet, we aspire to democratise access to wholesale services in doing so removing the barriers partners face in this market place, with the result being the launch of a service that is made by the customer for the customer. In a world of extensive automation we have crafted our portal to ensure our partners can leverage the benefits posed from evolving technology, whilst recognising that a true outstanding experience is only achievable through a blend of automation and the human touch. We see Telcom Wholesale as an evolution in the user experience of wholesale connectivity with the result being the empowerment of our partners to help transform the UK’s digital infrastructure.”

Shaun Gibson - CEO of Telcom Group

Always available for you

Our network has been designed with diverse national network paths, geo-resilient data centres and multiple Points-of-Presence (PoP’s). We started with a carrier resilient core fibre network, then added further resiliency by ensuring that it routed different ways around the country ensuring that the fibre never crosses paths. This is a unique proposition not offered by many other providers. Having a resilient core network wasn’t enough for us though, we went a bit further, ensuring we have resilient links in to each carrier we use. This not only makes it good for the network but it also gives our partners even more places to connect to the Telcom Wholesale network.

To get started with Telcom Wholesale, there are a few bits of information we need to start the process and get you early access to our quote tool. Register now to have a first look at the portal.

Get in touch today on 0330 229 0835 or email [email protected] and start your journey with us.

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