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Keep your own number, or register a new number for your business

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Add as many phones to your VoIP system as you want, whenever you want

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Loaded with powerful features

Forward to mobile

When you are out of office, have your phone redirect to your mobile

Dial “2” for...

Use call menus to direct inbound calls to the right department

Time-based routing

Change where calls go at different times of the day

Virtual fax machine

Process and send faxes to an email account

Conference call rooms

A room that people can dial into and speak to each other

Call groups

Group together extensions in a party that can be called at the same time

Call Recording

Record and store calls for training or review, downloadable from your portal.

Call Queues

No more engaged tones; If no agent is available, queue inbound calls until someone is available.

Custom Waiting Messages

Record your own menu and waiting audio if you wish.


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VoIP for business

Let us help you save time and money, optimising your business' phone system to fully leverage the power of VoIP technology.

VoIP phone solutions for business

VoIP for homes

Cheaper phone lines, taking advantage of routing your phone through your existing fibre internet connection.

VoIP phone solutions for homes

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