Ultrafast internet is here Manchester.

Up to 1Gb/s speeds, fast installation, and local customer service.

Ultrafast connectivity is never being held back by a slow connection again

5 people in your office simultaneously downloading 100MB.zip
Average Manchester connection SRC

23.81 Mbps

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Telcom 1Gbps connection


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Fun fact: This speed ratio is almost exactly equivalent to a commuter on a bicycle vs a private jet.

A transparent, forward-thinking and community-driven company, trusted by some incredible customers

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Investing in the communities we work with

Not only will you find our free TelcomUnity WiFi across the city, we have also partnered with creative hubs and tech spaces across the city centre to enable the city's thriving digital community to grow with ultrafast, accessible internet.

"The Telcom team has been fantastic - they were able to advise us on the best installation, were very competitive on price and since then have been extremely helpful and responsive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them."

Uber, Manchester

Two classes of Ultrafast business internet connections

We offer two high-uptime SLA, dedicated internet connection types for business. These are our top-of-the-line connections, designed for businesses who need a connection that they can rely on.

Priority: Dedicated internet connections

A fully dedicated private connection all the way from our core network to the plugs in your wall provided over either fibre or high-capacity wireless technology. Great, ultrafast connections designed for businesses who rely on a stable, fast connection every day.

99.95% business SLA

Dedicated line

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Note: Displayed prices don't include VAT

Enterprise: 99.99% SLA business connections

Our highest level of connection, with backup links and redundant power as standard. Bespoke configurations available.

99.99% enterprise SLA

Dedicated line

Diversified backup connection

Redundant power source

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Note: Displayed prices don't include VAT

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