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Complete business connectivity solution

Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS)

CaaS liberates you from the hassle of network management and turns business connectivity into a utility that just works as it should, all of the time.

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You’ve got enough on your plate without worrying about network management

You’ve got enough on your plate without worrying about network management

Introducing Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS), our innovative approach to always-on networks, the first of its kind from an ISP to turn business connectivity into a utility that just works as it should, all of the time.

What's included with CaaS?

What's included with CaaS?

One supplier, one less headache

One supplier, one less headache

CaaS includes everything a business needs to operate digitally, from resilient connectivity and firewalling to local and wide-area networking, all configured, installed and managed in-house in a simple monthly fee.

Say goodbye to the complexity of working with multiple vendors and service providers, and never have to worry about hardware refreshes again thanks to our evergreen hardware promise.

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Bespoke without complexity

Simply provide us with the size of the install location and your number of users and you’ll receive an instant fixed monthly subscription cost with no capital expenditure required.

Once your order is placed, our planning team will work with you (or without you, if you prefer) to produce a detailed design and installation plan that includes everything your office requires.

Add more real estate or reduce your number of users? No worries, CaaS can instantly flex up and down with your business.

Don’t worry, about a thing

With CaaS, you don’t need to be a technical expert to get the best solution for your workplace. Your order will be delivered by a dedicated project manager and once installed, our network support team proactively monitor your service around the clock, ensuring everything is working as it should be.

With proactive monitoring, you don’t even need to raise a support ticket, we’ve already fixed any issues before you know they exist, allowing you to concentrate on what you need to be doing. Want visibility of your network? no problem, we can give you access to your dashboard anytime.

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Always on - Always fast - Always secure

Always on

Our network support team work around the clock keeping you online, and thanks to resilient, diverse primary and backup internet connections, we guarantee 100% uptime, all the time.

Always fast

Our full-fibre, dedicated 1Gbps leased line connection with symmetrical speeds is 10x faster than the national average and is never shared with other users in your area.

Always secure

With a fully managed next-generation Fortigate firewall included, you can rest easy knowing unauthorised access and other Internet security threats are taken care of.

Advantages of Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS)

Always-on internet

Thanks to resilient, diverse primary and backup internet connections, we guarantee 100% uptime, all the time.

Evergreen hardware

Perpetual updates, upgrades, and management of software, hardware, and associated services is included throughout your contract

Proactive 24/7 support

Our UK-based technical experts have your back, 24/7, 365 days a year, constantly proactively monitoring all corners of your network to keep you online.

Enterprise grade by default

CaaS uses our Juniper AI powered Enterprise LAN and WiFi by default to provide seamless connectivity.

Not ‘just another MSP’

Get CaaS direct from an ISP! Avoid resellers and go direct to the team that builds, delivers and manages the full stack.

No install costs

Absolutely zero capital expense, a simple per user, per monthly cost

Understand how CaaS can help you save versus your current total cost of ownership

The total cost of ownership (TCO) of procuring and managing your network yourself is often underestimated by many businesses. 

At a time when business networks are adapting to new ways of working, increased connectivity requirements and heightened security demands, it’s critical that investment decisions are informed by an accurate understanding of current TCO.

You can use the template on the right to understand your business’s current TCO.

On average our CaaS customers report an 80-90% reduction in cost when compared to their previous total cost of ownership.

Direct costs

Average per month

Average per annum

LAN Hardware depreciation









Support contracts



Maintenance contracts



Connectivity circuits



Cloud connect services



IT personnel



IT personnel training



Network management software






Network changes and management



Vendor management



Break fixes/call-outs







Indirect costs

Average per month

Average per annum

Downtime loss of productivity



Wastage (inefficient purchases/redundant kit/licences)



Network depreciation






Our CaaS solution powers businesses of all sizes

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Get an immediate CaaS subscription price today

Whether you are moving into a new office, looking to reduce costs or wanting to consolidate your vendors or suppliers, CaaS could be the perfect solution. No pushy sales tactics, just honest, transparent advice to help you find the best solution for your business.