VoIP phone systems and why they are awesome

VoIP phone systems are a modern alternative to traditional phone lines, offering greater flexibility, more functionality and cheaper call rates but all the terminology can be a little off-putting so let me try and explain it a little more clearly.

VoIP from £10/month


VoIP means 'Voice over IP', or, less literally 'Voice over internet'

In the past, phone calls were all routed through the traditional phone network (called the PSTN or ‘Public Switched Telephone Network’) which meant you would have to wire your home or business up to this network in order to make calls. This existing network was great for wiring internet connections into buildings but in recent years these old wires are no longer good enough at carrying all the data we need for things like streaming video, listening to music or data-heavy applications.

New internet connections like our Telcom fibre cables now mean that there are better connections going into your building, so instead of internet coming through your phone line, you can now use VoIP to send your phone calls through your internet connection instead!

No more need to pay for two cables into your house!


Switching to VoIP is simple


Choose a VoIP provider

These people manage your calls and set up your connection for VoIP. If you would like Telcom to help, sign up for Telcom Voice here.

VoIP from £10/month


Plug a VoIP-compatible phone into your internet hub

Keep your old phone and use a VoIP adaptor, or get a VoIP-compatible handset to get the most out of your new phone line.


Enjoy a cheaper, better phone line

Cheaper calls, clearer voice and smarter features. What more do you need?


Cheap and cheerful call rates

UK landlines:

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Even more reasons to switch to VoIP

Clearer voice with HD Voice

Take advantage of the better connection with HD Voice enabled VoIP handsets to make your voice clearer on calls.

Cheaper calls

Because calls can route through the internet, call charges are much lower than with traditional phone lines.

Keep your old number

We know it can be a bit awkward getting everyone to update your number in their contact books so we offer the ability to move your existing number with you.

Better business features

Using VoIP for business opens up a lot more exciting features, from smart call routing to things like call recording and virtual fax machines. Read more in our VoIP for business section


VoIP from £10/month

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How our customers use our VoIP services

VoIP for business

Smarter features with a securer, cheaper setup than traditional phone line equipment.

VoIP phone services for business

VoIP for homes

Use our simplest Voice package to provide a cheap phone for home users with no traditional line rental cost, and incredibly cheap calls.

VoIP phone services for homes


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