Advocate programme

Advocates are friends and supporters of Telcom who receive a reward in return for promoting our service. We work closely with Advocates across each of the cities and within each of the communities we connect to identify businesses or buildings that could benefit from our services.

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Telcom is rapidly building a 100% full fibre network across Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool & Birmingham.

Our Advocate partnership scheme is perfect for anyone that wants to recommend our services and receive a reward for doing so.

If you want to work with us and become a partner, it’s really simple.

Why become an Advocate?

  • Not only do you get a financial reward but we can also remove the challenges that your customer's, clients or tenants may experience.
  • We work to do things better than our peers, from keeping our pricing as open and standardised as possible, to our efforts to help build up the communities we work in.
  • Our transparent and straightforward advocate programme means we can save you time and ensure your customer relationships are improved.
  • You will also have your own dedicated account manager who will help you set up and get started.

How does it work?

A Telcom advocate helps to spread the word about Telcom services by referring potential business or building customers to Telcom . Here’s how it works:

1. Find a lead

Keep an ear open for any businesses that might be moving offices shortly or interested in upgrading their internet. Or a building that needs upgrading.

2. Refer the lead

When you come across a business or building that you think might be interested in a Telcom solution, complete the Advocate Referral form to submit them to our team.

3. Get rewarded

Once that lead has been qualified, you earn an immediate £50 within 72 hours. Once an order is placed you then receive up to a further £700*.

What can you Advocate?


£500 per building

We’re always looking for new commercial multi-dwelling unit buildings or business parks / industrial estates to upgrade with our industry leading connected building Preconnect solution. If you know of a landlord /building that you think could benefit from this please submit a referral.

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Up to £750 per customer

We’re only here as a result of our customers and their choosing to go with us over another provider. Ultimately every customer has a choice of provider, which is a great thing, and we believe that we’re the right choice for many businesses. A referral from an advocate can make all the difference when making that choice.

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How we reward our Advocates

Referral Reward

Up to £750 per lead referred
One off payment

We pay you an initial £50 within 72 hours of you referring a customer lead*. You then receive the remaining balance when the lead becomes an actual customer as a result of placing an order with us.

* Subject to successfully qualifying the customer lead provided.

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