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Connect your property for free and get up to 100 times faster internet

Telcom will wire your building with the standard build at no cost to you. Upgrading your Multi-Tenanted Property (MTP) to Telcom will make it especially attractive for tenants. Once you get Telcom for your property, tenants will be able to get some of the fasted Internet around at the best quality ensuring their business needs are met.

Get started today and be one of the first MTPs in the country to have Telcom.

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Building Owners:

Increase your revenue

If you want to future proof your building, attract tenants and increase revenues, speak to Telcom today about converting your building to Telcom and the revenue share options available to you.

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Tenants & Property Managers:

Find a Telcom-enabled office

Search for offices and units in your area that are already part of the Telcom network. If you don’t see your building, you can help us bring Telcom to your unit.

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Who We Work With

Telcom works with property owners and professionals to install awesome fibre and wireless infrastructure either as an original specification to new buildings, or a retrofit improvement to existing properties. Subject to a feasibility report, installing Telcom is usually cost-free.


Why we are better: Our infrastructure goes all the way to you

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