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From enabling your building to bring hyperfast connectivity to new tenants within 24 hours, to fully managed fibre infrastructure and wayleaves, let us use our knowledge of the latest in building connectivity to help you get the most out of your property.

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Digital connectivity is considered the third most important factor when searching for office space,

behind only cost and location. As technology increases in the workplace and the number of tech businesses grow, the importance of digital connectivity is going to increase further. However, until recently there has been very little information available to tenants about the quality and choice of internet connectivity.

Great connectivity attracts tenants


Of small businesses consider a reliable internet connection to be critical to the success of their business .


Of firms say they are very satisfied with their broadband provision .


Of tech workers believe that more businesses will be attracted to the city if landlords were able to offer greater / improved connectivity .


UK small businesses are still on dial-up speeds .

  1. The Federation for Small Businesses report on the Current State of Broadband
  2. A Connected Future Report

Working with Telcom

Telcom is the fastest-growing connectivity and internet infrastructure provider in the North, delivering market-leading access speeds and unrivalled levels of service to businesses nationwide. With 99.95% uptime, 24/7/365 support and a four-hour fix, we are the natural partner for landlords who want to offer the best Internet services to their tenants.

Case studies

The benefits of our hybrid infrastructure stack

Leveraging both wireless and pure fibre links bring our customers hyperfast connectivity, faster.

Our hybrid ISP solution brings fibre connections to highrise buildings then extends that connectivity wirelessly to connect other nearby buildings within days.

Diagram showing hybrid solution
  1. Antennas installed on roof in locations agreed with landlord along with primary TAP.
  2. Fibre connection installed between basement and roof TAP.
  3. Telcom connects a new fibre connection into the buildings basement.
  4. Option for commercial/residential tenants to access hyperfast internet services.
  5. Free Superfast WiFi distributed to surrounding area and community via Telcom Unity.
  6. Superfast connectivity distributed to nearby business and residential properties.

Connectivity solutions carefully designed to keep pace with an evolving business environment.

We live in a world where 50 geeks in an office are able to create more wealth than companies the size of Tesco, with all of its logistics, supply chain and physical store infrastructure. At Telcom, we build connectivity for the future, using technologies designed to keep up with the exploding demands of modern companies.

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