How much money is slow internet costing you?

Unreliable internet means wasted time, lower productivity & more wages to pay.


How many people are in your organisation?


How do productivity improvements translate to actual business savings?

Across your company’s 50 people, even the tiniest improvements in efficiency make a difference:

Assuming an average salary of £27,000:

Productivity improvementAnnual saving
1% increase
5% increase
10% increase

Your team, unleashed

Saving 45 minutes a day gives you the equivalent of a 13th working month a year. For free.


For your team of 50, that would be the equivalent of having an extra members of staff.

How does a faster internet connection help?

More bandwidth = less time waiting

All those times spent waiting for an attachment to upload, or download add up.

This is what 50 people in your office simultaneously downloading looks like:
Telcom 1Gbps connection


0 downloads completed

Average UK connection

36.2 Mbps

0 downloads completed

For every 5 minutes of time we save your team waiting each day, you save per year in lost wages.

High SLA = Minimise connection outages

Offering a dedicated internet connection with a high Service Level Agreement (SLA) is what separates business class internet from a home internet connection: it won’t let you down. Thanks to the included independent backup connection, your connection never slows and never stops, so your business never has to slow, and never has to stop.

If your connection cut out for a day, you’d lose in lost wages alone

How SLA levels add up for your organisation

SLARisked downtime wage loss / year

Ready to upgrade your business?

Business-class internet that pays for itself.

If you’re ready to save over in wages every month and empower your team to do more, your office could have hyperfast internet within a matter of days, for a fraction of what you could save.

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