Preconnect Estate Your industrial estate or business park pre-connected to hyperfast internet before completion.

With Preconnect Estate we help with all things internet, from design to implementation, so you and your tenants have the peace of mind that connectivity is ready and waiting from the day they take space.

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The Estate Catch 22

When building a new industrial estate or business park developers are often faced with a common dilemma:

  1. They need fibre Internet to be available from the day tenants take space
  2. The estates are often in locations where fibre to the cabinet isn’t readily available nearby
  3. Providers such as Openreach and Virgin won’t pre-connect to an estate until an order is placed
  4. Without placing the order themselves developers have to wait until a tenant places an order which results in many months of delays

With Preconnect Estate, Telcom helps estate developers escape the Catch 22 by acting as the customer and ordering fibre to the estate many months before tenants are due to take space meaning internet available from practical completion.


Connectivity is rapidly becoming the fourth utility alongside electricity, gas and water.

As the consumption of data explodes, connectivity needs to be a part of the estate development from day one.

Telcom works with property owners and professionals to install new connectivity infrastructure platforms. Installed as an original specification, and detachable from suppliers ensuring landlords are not tied into one supplier forever as a part of the initial design.

Estates built for the Internet

Telcom is the first internet provider tenants want to work with. We offer hyperfast internet with 100% uptime guarantee, symmetrical bandwidth, and friendly, helpful support.

Design Assistance

We help you plan your ducting infrastructure and connection strategy

Minimal Footprint

One wall mounted cabinet to suit your available space.

No Exclusivity

No exclusivity required to have Preconnect Estate across your estate.

Better connected estates bring better tenants

Fiber-optic internet is the number one choice for today's businesses. Your tenants, especially those in technology, logistics, and information industries, put extreme value on competitive options and look for buildings with not only great road connections but reliable and affordable fibre connections.

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Bringing benefits to both tenants & estate owners

Tenant benefits

  • Hyperfast internet connection speeds
  • Transparent & affordable pricing
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • 100% uptime guaranteed

Estate benefits

  • No cost to the landlord
  • New tenants can be online with only 24 hours' notice
  • Increase value for future tenants
  • Makes space easier to let

How we Preconnect

01 Schedule site survey

Our project management team will spend approximately 30 minutes discussing your estate plans with your development manager or engineer to determine the feasibility of bringing Preconnect services to your estate and to assess your existing connectivity strategy.

02 Review our proposal

Upon completion of the survey, our team will prepare a scope of work for your review. Everything is laid out in a set of easy-to-read documents for your approval.

03 Order fibre

As soon as the project is approved, Telcom will place an order with a wholesale fibre provider (acting as a customer), kick starting the delivery of a fibre connection with the estate. We usually advise this step take place no less than 3 months prior to completion to ensure fibre availability by the time tenants take space.

04 Wireless deployment

If an estate is within reach of the Telcom wireless network (on-net) we can work with you to bring an initial wireless connection to the estate in doing so guaranteeing connectivity prior to tenants taking space. The wireless then becomes a failover backup connection for the estate adding to the estates resilience.

05 Install Preconnect

In accordance with your construction timetable our team will schedule a time to install a Preconnect TAP somewhere on your estate either externally or within a landlord space. Our team will then run fibre from each unit in your estate back to the TAP location. Typically takes 7-14 days to complete the construction, with no disruption to your ongoing development.

06 Welcome aboard!

Once we’ve set the estate up with Preconnect, all of your tenants can order Telcom services. They’ll have instant access to speeds up to 100x faster than competing ISPs, plus 24/7 customer experience, guaranteed.

Built using the TAP System

The foundational piece of Telcom Preconnect is the Telcom Activated Premises (‘TAP’) system.

This system takes an hyperfast incoming Telcom connection (either from a fibre link or hyperfast wireless link) and splits it into dedicated connections available to your estate tenants on-demand. Activating a new tenant is as simple as plugging them in.

TAP Diagram

Preconnect Estate Checklist

Although Preconnect Estate is free for landlords we do require that the following checklist be incorporated into any estate plans:

Estate ducting
Multiple ducts from estate boundary to each unit

TAP location
A location on estate boundary for placement of a TAP

Landlord power feed
Landlord power supply for the TAP location

Pole (if wireless)
A pole for mounting of wireless antennas that connects to ducts

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