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At Telcom we design, install and manage networks for our customers every day,

from paid hotspots in cafes, to large multi-floor, multi-building business networks and secure hosted firewalls.

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Telcom delivers adaptive, reliable network products so you and your business can focus on the work you love. Pioneering technology has never felt more human.

Telcom offer a comprehensive suite of end-to-end IT Managed Services. These complement our Smart Building, Connectivity, and Voice offerings, allowing us to deliver a truly holistic service to our customers.

Managed LAN

Allowing a professional organisation such as Telcom to manage your LAN means you are placing your IT infrastructure in safe hands.

Allowing us to design, deploy and manage your LAN means that we can work proactively; fixing faults and ensuring that your Network is always running at full capacity and as smoothly as possible. Passing this over to us means that your IT team can focus on developing front-end applications and improving business processes.

We all face worries that keep us up at night, but the ongoing maintenance of your network shouldn’t be one of them. If you opt for our Managed Network service, you will be introduced to your ITIL aligned dedicated Service Manager who, with the support of our team of network gurus will take complete responsibility for the availability of your network. This means you’ll receive a utility grade SLA to guarantee the availability of your infrastructure, giving you more time to focus on focus on driving your business forward.

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Managed WiFi

No-wires networking is wonderful. But doing it at scale demands your time, skills and budget that’s better deployed elsewhere.

Cloud Managed Wi-Fi is a secure and flexible solution designed to improve the way your people work, provide insight into user behaviour, and help you engage better with them. The solution is ideal for organisations who want to connect multiple sites over a wide area, need cost-effective Wi-Fi, control and monitor applications bandwidth or require enhanced analytics, or those who have limited IT resource.

We create networks that virtually look after themselves across your office, site, or even an entire country. Our access points are quickly and easily monitored from a single cloud dashboard. And it doesn’t matter what size you are, even our entry-level kit comes with enterprise-class wireless, security and switching capabilities. Great for supporting the WiFi needs of your employees, our Managed WiFi is ideal for larger businesses and enterprises with any number of employees across one or multiple sites.

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Managed Firewall

Firewalls keep online nasties out of your business and protect your valuable network resources and data. Our service works with our Business Internet solutions and is powered by Fortigate, a market leader in online security.

Our Managed Firewall service protects your corporate Network from unauthorised access and other Internet security threats. Firewalls are crucial gateway level security solutions that use predetermined security rules to analyse and control the traffic entering and leaving the network. It should be simple and straightforward to stay ahead of the people who would do your business harm.

Establishing security can be a formidable and complex task, so why not hand over all the management to us? If you want to manage the policy yourself, we can work together to ensure management is shared and all bases are covered.

  • Simplify your IT infrastructure:
    With just one provider taking care of your connection and security, you can free up your time to focus on the bigger picture
  • Increase productivity:
    Manage employee internet usage and ensure appropriate and acceptable usage
  • Cutting edge tech:
    You’ll be using next-generation firewall hardware from Palo Alto Networks: revolutionary hardware that allows you to set user or group specific policies giving you control and ownership of the rule base
  • Reduce risk:
    Defend your business from unauthorised access to your network
  • Protect against loss of revenue:
    Keeping your network safe from fraudsters

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Managed Infrastructure

To keep pace with today's rapidly changing technology, you need a trusted infrastructure partner. Embracing a managed IT infrastructure model allows you to reliably deploy modern technology with the assurance it will respond to your business needs.

Telcom provide a range of Infrastructure Management Services (IMS). IMS refers to the enterprise-wide administration of distributed systems that support the business operation. This includes, but is not limited to, all servers, configuration, performance, security, and availability.

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Focus on what makes your business awesome; Your network is in safe hands.

Our Managed Services offerings allow our clients to fully outsource their IT system management and support enabling them to focus on their core business deliverables, safe in the knowledge that their systems are secure and running optimally.

Our centralised Support Desk delivers IT incident resolution to businesses throughout the world, operating on a 24x7 basis and staffed by a team of highly qualified, experienced first, second, and third line engineers.

The Telcom Support Desk is complemented by a team of Field Services Engineers who deliver onsite support to customers who require proactive or reactive support at their office or data centre.

It also decreases the need for additional recruitment in order to support your team, which in turn decreases business costs.

Enhanced connectivity offerings that take your business where it needs to be

Business Internet

Hyperfast internet services for businesses of all size, from cafe Wi-Fi to large enterprise connections.

Business Internet

Voice over IP

We offer phone systems powered by modern VoIP technology to provide smarter, cheaper phone solutions for customers.

Telcom Voice

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