Make the internet your landline with VoIP technology

Cheaper, smarter home phones, without needing a phone line.

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Keep your old number

In most cases we are able to port your old number over to your new phone line so you don’t have to get all your friends to change your contact details.

Cheaper calls

Because we route your calls over the internet it drastically cuts the cost of your phone calls.

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Land-line numbers without needing a phone line

If you have an internet connection that doesn't need a phone line, such as one of our home fibre broadband connections, you don't need to pay line rental to have a phone.


All you need is a good internet connection

We normally recommend you have a speed of 1.2mbps per phone line.

(Pssst - If you are looking for a great connection, that is our speciality. Check out our home fibre broadband options!)


Setup is as easy as 1,2,3


Plug a VoIP-compatible phone into your home internet hub


Enjoy a cheaper phone line


Voice Basic: Our perfect VoIP home phone line

£10/month + call charges

It’s as simple as that

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Looking for something a little more complicated? Our other Voice packages give you access to multiple numbers, voice menus, conference calls and much much more.

Design your own VoIP system