Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) Dedicated leased-lines you can build your business on, managed & monitored 24/7.

Dedicated Internet Access (also known as a 'leased line') is the perfect solution for a fast growing, bandwidth-hungry business.

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Never worry about your internet connection again with our completely dedicated, hyperfast business internet.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is our most popular business internet solution, providing you with a fast, reliable business internet connection, all the way from your office to the heart of the internet. Your connection is capable of expanding with your business so you never need to worry about hitting a bandwidth ceiling again.

Our team will work with you to choose the right speed and connection type for your needs and we'll keep an eye on your connection to make sure it stays working for you, 24/7.

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Completely dedicated bandwidth

Your connection's bandwidth is dedicated which means it is never shared and reserved entirely for you. This removes the issue of slow-downs at peak times - the speed you pay for is the speed your business gets.

Symmetrical upload & download speeds

Uploading is as fast as downloading. If five people are all video conferencing in separate rooms, the rest of your team can share enormous files while the backup does its thing, without a hitch.

99.99% uptime Service Level Agreement

Our dedicated connections come with a 99.99% SLA by default. Our proactive network monitoring with notifications, and lightning fast response times mean we work around the clock to keep you online and, if we ever fall short, we credit you - plain and simple.

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Managed & monitored 24/7

Our job is to keep your business up and running 24/7. While you innovate, we’ll be monitoring your service day and night. Our always-on monitoring and response service means that if anything ever happens to your connection, we will be aware and looking at a solution within minutes.

Get online in under 28 days

Our hybrid approach means that if you are in a hurry we can get you connected within 28 days so you can get online and back to work quickly and fuss free. Need it even sooner? Ask our sales team about an expedite option.

Which dedicated internet connection best fits your business?

Dedicated 30Mbps

£179 / month

  • 1-60 month contract options
  • Dedicated 30Mbps
  • Symmetrical speeds
  • No data limits
  • 99.99% SLA

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Dedicated 100Mbps

£239 / month

  • 1-60 month contract options
  • Dedicated 100Mbps
  • Symmetrical speeds
  • No data limits
  • 99.99% SLA

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Dedicated 1Gbps

£479 / month

  • 1-60 month contract options
  • Dedicated 1Gbps
  • Symmetrical speeds
  • No data limits
  • 99.99% SLA

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Custom & enterprise solutions available upon request

Our team are able to build completely tailored solutions including bespoke speeds, dark fibre, data center, carrier solutions and more. Reach out to our team with your requirements.

Limited offer: Completely free installation

The Government 'Gigabit Voucher Scheme' currently is enabling our team to install the connectivity infrastructure into your building for free - paying up to £2,500 to cover the cost of equipment. Available across the UK while the scheme is running.

Read more about the Gigabit Voucher Scheme

Available add-ons for Business Internet

We provide a variety of services to help you maximize your connection.

Backup Connection

For added resilience, you can have a second connection. In the unlikely event your primary connection fails, it automatically flips to back-up.

Managed Security

A firewall designed to protect you, managed by our security experts 24/7. Purpose built with powerful security appliances. Protection from viruses and spyware.

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Hassle-free WiFi

Next generation WiFi enabled by either Ubiquiti Networks or Ruckus. Manage your network administration through the cloud, with self-healing networks.

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