Sugar Junction

Sugar Junction is a popular tearoom located on Tib Street, right in Manchester city centre. It's a prime destination for food, tea, and conversations for people visiting the city and for the small businesses located in this vibrant district.

“Our experience with the Telcom team was superb. From the initial installation to the final service, we had no problems at all, and we feel much better working with a local company that cares rather than a faceless national supplier!”
Alex Watts, Sugar Junction

Sugar Junction opened in 2011 out of a passion for baking, and a love for excellent coffee and tea. The space set out to bring a remarkable eating experience in a vintage-inspired spot in the centre of Manchester.

Sugar Junction quickly became a destination for brunch, meetings and chats over coffee, and for people to enjoy afternoon tea on a day off. Because of its location, Sugar Junction attracts visitors to the city’s most artistic quarter, but also the local freelancers and businesses fuelling up during a day of work.

As part of wanting to create a premium experience, Sugar Junction wanted to be able to offer a stable and fast internet connection that would add a digital dimension to the experience, making guests feel at home.

Sugar Junction opened in 2011 combining a passion for food, tea, and coffee, and a love for everything vintage.

When looking for a local internet provider, the venue’s founders came across Telcom Unity.

“We were very keen to work with a local provider” said owner Alex Watts “and our experience with the Telcom team has been very smooth from start to finish: it’s clear they care about customers of any size. Connectivity is very important to run our business, but also for our customers, who often look up information or check their emails on the go.”

After an initial assessment, our engineers team gave the thumbs up for the building to be connected: because of the venue’s location in a qualifying location (the Northern Quarter), Sugar Junction was able to join our Telcom Unity initiative, connecting local communities in key city areas to ultrafast internet.

This is a key part of our mission to upgrade the country’s connectivity to be a world’s leader.

Next time you visit Manchester’s Northern Quarter, remember that together with the vintage china and the retro feel, modern ultrafast connectivity is just one tap away.

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