Viv-id is a creative agency working with international brands and cool startups explore their vision, craft ideas that work across all channels and at every touch-point, to deliver measurable victories.

“The Telcom team were professional, approachable, and helpful: the engineer and office teams worked together to make sure everything worked smoothly.”
Sue Lewis, Viv-id Agency Director

Based between Deansgate and Castlefield in central Manchester, Viv-id are a dynamic creative marketing agency working with many international brands to direct them to their next victory.

Viv-id were looking to move from a standard ADSL connection to a dedicated ultafast leased-line. This had become necessary to activate VoIP telephony, support their growing team, and speed up work and communication, which often involved large media files. The company looked for several providers in Manchester and finally narrowed it down to two: Telcom and Virgin Media.

Business Priority offers 99.95% uptime and hassle-free installation. The Viv-Id team chose our ultrafast connection to support their growing team and add VoIP telephony.

After speaking to our team, Viv-id decided to choose Telcom Priority because of the friendly approach, as well as the greater company mission, which really resonated with the team.

One of the reasons why the agency wanted a serious internet upgrade, was the need to install VoIP telephony to better serve their customers and have a more efficient communication system. In the end, they choose Telcom Voice to complement their internet connection. "It was the obvious choice to keep all communications with Telcom. Compared to other providers, Telcom were offering better value" added Sue, director of the company.

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