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ilk is an award winning integrated agency specialising in all things strategy, branding, video, digital, design, PR & social. With offices in Leeds, Manchester, and London, ilk help brands to communicate their message across different channels, after creating a compelling and unique story.

“Telcom were the only ones to offer a complete package, delivering the service but also helping us to get started.”
Shaun Beaumonth - Creative Director

After moving into its new office in Leeds Dock, ilk was looking for a reliable provider to connect its team to ultrafast business internet and VoIP lines to provide better communication with customers and prospects.

Creative Director Shaun had very clear requirements in mind for the IT system, and was considering a few different alternatives for broadband and telephony. At the same time, ilk wanted a solution that would fully integrate in the new office.

The Telcom team worked with ilk to make sure that the system would follow the desk layout of the office, which was still being refurbished. Phones, ports, and wireless access points were all strategically placed following the office’s floorplan.

The comprehensive approach and the transparent proposal convincediIlk’s IT team, who decided to go ahead with Telcom VoIP and business internet.

Ilk are based in Leeds Dock, and are opening their London office in 2017.

Before the move, the company’s phone system used to be pretty basic.

Shaun, Creative Director and Founder of ilk, says: “Because of Telcom’s flat fee on VoIP features, we have expanded our phone system and started to use functions we didn’t know we would have used, like the IVR welcome menu, and the out of office hours redirect to a mobile phone. Mike kindly spent some time explaining all available features to our staff and trained them up on the online portal, allowing us to change and manage the call flows and features ourselves.”

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