Islington Mill

Situated between the University of Salford and Manchester city centre, Islington Mill is a creative space home to art galleries, a recording studio, and a shared office space.

The converted Victorian mill hosts more than 50 businesses and 100 artists, and attracts over 15,000 visitors every year.

“I really like that you have this personal relation with your customers (like us), it's really good to get some attention from your Internet Service Provider.”
Stina from Islington Mill

In 2015, Islington Mill decided to expand their co-working space offering, and needed to offer a fast and reliable internet connection to their members.

However, the 200 year old building has a very complex infrastructure, and the layout had been a problem in providing reliable internet across the building in the past. “The previous connection wasn't delivering sufficiently" says office manager Stina "and I was receiving complaints pretty much every day about the Wi-Fi: our customer experience was not what we wanted”.

After a first site survey to make sure the building could be connected, our Telcom engineers were able to start linking the Mill to our Priority 1,000Mbps plan.
In spite of the architectonic constraints posed by a 200 year old brick building, the building was connected to ultrafast internet thanks to our hybrid fibre-wireless links, which eliminated the need for roadworks and minimised the changes in internal infrastructure.

The installation went smoothly in spite of unforeseen obstacles, as our team “worked very hard to finish the installation even thought it was beyond the scope of the initial plan”.

So what happened after the building was connected?

Islington Mill is home to more than 50 businesses and 100 artists.

Daily complaints stopped right away, and the appeal of the office space suddenly improved, as Islington Mill was able to offer reliable ultrafast internet to both new and existing members. This made a big difference for the staff too, as they stopped having to deal with issues and complaints and were able to focus on growing the community.

“I smile more, I'm more happy as our residents are more happy” said Stina.

Since then, Islington Mill has kept expanding and bringing more people together, and has recently been awarded funding from Arts Council England.

We're proud of being part of this Manchester creative community!

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