Today, we’re launching the Telcom Advocate Program to reward the friends and supporters of Telcom, collectively known as Advocates, who help to amplify and grow our connectivity platform, managed services and solutions.

Hundreds of consultants, professionals and businesses, such as Letting Agents, Asset Managers, Fit Out Contractors, Interior Designers, IT Support companies and so on, work with Telcom in order to give their clients and customers access to industry leading communication products and services. The Advocate Programme ensures that anyone who does refer a business or building to Telcom, gets financially rewarded for the referral.

The Advocate Programme is underpinned by Telcom’s new Advocate platform, which makes it very easy for anyone to sign up as an Advocate member, refer a lead and track the progress of all their referrals. All an Advocate needs to do is let us know if a business or building is interested in changing or upgrading their internet or other communication services, we’ll then do all the hard work to quality and close the lead referred, providing the Advocate with an automatic reward at each stage.

We’ve been thrilled over the years to see the level of word of mouth referrals that our Advocates have provided and we’ve designed our program to enable new Advocates to sign up easier and existing Advocates to refer faster, in doing so provide value to more of their customers or clients.

Registering for the Telcom Advocate Program is free. Advocates get financially rewarded for referrals (up to £750 per referral, enjoy exclusive discounted rates to Telcom products and services, and ultimately are able to better support their clients or partners communication needs.

The more an Advocate refers, the more benefits they unlock - from the ability to escalate support requests on behalf of their customers to enhanced reward fees per referral of up to 40% for Titanium Advocates, and invitation to invite only Advocate member events throughout the year.

This is just the start. We’re excited to build more products and resources for our Advocates in the future. If you have any questions, feedback, or are considering becoming an Advocate, please get in touch!

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About the author:
Shaun Gibson
Telcom Group, CEO