Never be without the internet again!

So your business is pretty established, in fact you’ve outgrown your current you just move offices right?...and everything goes smoothly doesn’t it?

We've all heard horror stories about the staff sat around in a new office, unable to work because some element of the move was overlooked. Imagine for a second, that “the thing” that was overlooked in the office move, was actually the internet connection! Being without an internet connection even for just a couple of hours could without internet connection for any length of time? Business owners across the land shudder at the prospect of the multiple days of lost revenue. In a lot of cases these days, if a building loses it’s internet connection; elements of the Building Management Systems such as Door Entry or Fire Protection would be unable to operate, seriously jeopardising safety and security. That is how integral a reliable fibre broadband connection to your building is in the modern world. Could you imagine the staff being locked in? It doesn’t bear thinking about!

Let’s think about a world where you as a business owner/operator simply doesn’t need to worry about gigabit broadband connectivity in their new premises - even on Day One! That would be a pretty big change wouldn’t it? A pretty significant headache taken away completely for the tenant AND the landlord together. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Telcom Preconnect!

Preconnect is a unique Full Fibre product in the Gigabit Broadband marketplace in the UK, and one that is categorically changing the way “the 4th Utility” is being viewed across the country.

Our Preconnect solution does exactly what it says on the tin - it connects your building to the Telcom network prior to any tenants taking up space. It means all the hard work has been done in advance whilst we install the fibre connection and network hardware, and makes for a seamless and “overnight” transition for the tenants.

A tenant who signs up to take up space within a building, simply makes the letting agent/landlord aware of their requirements, who in turn will advise us, and then Telcom will do the rest. We actively engage with the tenant, and establish exactly what they need and when they need it. We’ll agree the costs and assist the tenant in setting up their Telcom account, and then quite simply, just make it happen. We connect the tenanted premises to the equipment and infrastructure previously installed, and Day One Connectivity is guaranteed for that client.

A pretty groundbreaking and totally unique approach to Fibre Broadband provision, and one that we here at Telcom are incredibly proud of.

Don’t waste any time, start planning your office move today, and be happy in the knowledge the professionals have your Internet interests as our highest priority.

For Telcom Preconnect enquiries please visit us at here one of our dedicated team will be glad to help. 

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About the author:
Pascual Smith
Relationship Manager
I began my life at Telcom after spending four years as an Enterprise Account Manager for one of the largest ISPs in the UK. I love working in an environment where everyone is as driven about making positive change as I am.