We are five !

Five years ago, it all started out with a dream to transform Britain’s digital infrastructure. Telcom founders Shaun, Thom and Ali shared the belief that the internet is a basic human right and when readily available, is a catalyst for economic growth, technological innovation and empowerment, with life-changing impact. To realise the Telcom mission, the team set out to create a company people could feel proud of working for and a business customers felt went above and beyond that of the traditional service provider. I think our CEO Shaun put it right when he said “it’s been a rollercoaster to say the least but worth every moment” - I second that!

To celebrate our fifth birthday we wanted to share some things we LOVE about Telcom.

We our team

We have totally  fabulous people who work for us from ex-politicians to coders. We have people who can speak seven languages, yes I did say SEVEN and we have a Guiness world record holder. These amazing people have gone above and beyond to make the Telcom dream a reality and they surprise us everyday just how wonderful they are!

We our customers

We have some AMAZING customers from TV shows to Tower blocks, from Coffee shops to Corporates we have some the best customers you could ask for. They’ve been with us on the journey every step of the way and are always loyal, patient and generally just awesome- THANK YOU. (hang on I know that’s a bit gushy , but I am allowed to gush, it’s Valentine's day)

We ping-pong

We have a daily ping pong competitions. Now maybe you’re not surprised by this……? What I’d like to share is just how serious this daily ritual is! It happens EVERYDAY, at lunchtime, it is never missed and it is serious! The noise coming out of the kitchen you’d think it was the world championships!

We Watson

We have a virtual team member - Let me introduce you to Watson. Watson is an indispensable member of the team. Watson is our intelligent CRM and billing platform. It helps us deliver great customer service to our end customers and partners. He’s a very polite chap too!

We biscuits

We have biscuit friday, EVERY FRIDAY. This is our favorite day of the week because there are sooooooooo many biscuits. Each week we take it in turns to buy enough biscuits to feed a small school. It’s a really is quite a difficult task to buy the right ratio of chocolate and plain. We’ve had cookies and doughnuts which I know aren’t technically a biscuit, but they're great! There have been home baked scones, muffins and someone even made their own pastry once, now that’s commitment. Anyway this is a great day at Telcom HQ.

To keep in touch with what we’re up to and hear more about the awesome projects we work on have a look at https://group.telcom.uk , follow us on Twitter @Telcomuk and Instagram @telcomuk

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