Meet Mark Dillnutt, data/communication engineer.

What's your background?

I became an engineer from seeking a new challenge careerwise and being given an opportunity to do so within Metronet by then engineering supervisor Russ Dobson.

What do you enjoy about working for Telcom?

No day/job is ever the same, Telcom pride themselves on making a customer happy with high-quality installations and with the service before and after installation that they give.

My normal daily routine consists of picking up my equipment for the installations on that day, and then raise any questions I may have before going out and completing installations. At the end of the day, I tidy the van and keep on top of consumables kit. In between though, every day can be very different.

What's one memorable story from your time at Telcom?

The job that sticks out is a job we did in Spinningfields putting in a fibre link: I have never experienced such torrential rain like on that day. Morale was low but we managed to work as a team and get the job in regardless. At the end, everyone was soaking wet, but we managed to complete a very challenging installation and overcome a turbulent night working together as a team. It was a testing day, but it got us closer as a team.

Something about you no one on the team knows?

I played football at Old Trafford.

Meet James Braden, data/communication engineer.

What's your background?

My early career experiences were as a factory worker and then working with window companies installing fitted windows and working set marking. I then had an opportunity to work with a telcom company as a data engineer where I gained valuable experience both on wireless antenna systems and data cabling. Ater one further stop when I improved my skill set within the telecommunications industry, I moved to Telcom where I was given the opportunity to move back to the wireless and fibre side of the telecommunications industry: something I knew and enjoyed.
I now value being part of something interesting and fresh.

What do you enjoy about your role?

I enjoy bringing ultrafast internet to various companies at a reasonable price whether that be commercial or domestic.

What's one memorable story from your time at Telcom?

My most memorable story from Telcom is actually my first day at the company.

I came in for a day to complete an “insight day” where I would go out with the engineering team and do a day to get to know the guys and see if I was a good fit for the company and vice versa. After a full day, I was expecting the standard “we will be in touch” response that you often get. Instead, I got invited to a “team bonding” meal with everyone employed at Telcom. Later that night Shaun, Telcom's CEO, informed me that I was now a valuable asset to the team and asked me when I was available to start.

The togetherness and the thoughtfulness to even invite me there on that night is something that Istill remember to this day.

Something about you no one on the team knows?

One thing that many people don't know about me is that I can feel uncomfortable within large groups of people.
I have tried to overcome this with different employers, and I continue to improve this within my employment with Telcom, where I have made valuable progress within a solid, friendly environment.

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