Landlords up and down the country tell us that internet connectivity is a key requirement for their commercial tenants.
Yet, they often find themselves waiting months to have a service installed.

Imagine having to wait weeks or even months, to have running water!
It sounds absurd and yet, it’s exactly what happens with internet connectivity. Here at Telcom, our Preconnect service enables ultrafast internet to be part of the utility package from day one, just as you would expect running water gas and electric, tenants now expect their internet service to be ‘on’ on the day they move in..

Recognising this growing appetite for a day one service we’ve launched our new plug and play service ‘Preconnect’.
This service brings tenant-ready fibre infrastructure to your building from the day tenants move in, providing an ultrafast internet connection ready and waiting for them in their workspace. This means that new tenants can move in as soon as their contract is signed. No longer will without move-in dates be impacted by slow internet installation.

Preconnect also allows for tenants to be moved across your property portfolio as their business grows or their needs change and take their internet connection with them at no cost, giving your estate the flexibility to accommodate tenant growth.

Preconnect brings the WeWork service experience to traditional commercial property.

All this, at no cost to the landlord.

The technology behind Telcom Preconnect

The industry has seen Internet connectivity fast becoming one of the top three requirements for commercial tenants when choosing an office or commercial building, alongside location and cost.
Great connectivity is a vital part of a positive tenant experience.

However, most buildings in Britain were built long before the internet even existed.
This means landlords are faced with costly building upgrades and messy, disruptive works to provide services for their tenants. Preconnect takes the headache away, enabling landlords to give their clients a world-class connectivity service, turning a challenge into a key commercial benefit that landlords can offer to prospective tenants.

Telcom’s ‘Preconnect’ service is a plug-and-play infrastructure covering an entire building, so tenants can be online within 24 hours. No more waiting. This then splits into dedicated plug-and-play connections for each individual office, making ultrafast internet available to your tenants’ needs, as soon as they need it.

Benefits for Landlords, Agents, and Tenants

With Telcom Preconnect, not only will we set your building up with tenant-ready fibre infrastructure but we also provide a free guest WiFi for reception and communal areas with a custom splash page to promote your building, along with a building-specific Assessment Report worth £999. 

For landlords and agents:

  • Offer ultrafast internet access to potential tenants and current tenants, and make your building the obvious choice in the area
  • An additional revenue stream: we will share a percentage of the customer rental for their internet services with you, as a guaranteed revenue stream
  • Onboard tenants immediately and start accruing rent
  • Increase customer retention
  • Allow for more flexibility: customers can move between buildings in a landlord’s property portfolio and enjoy the same superfast connectivity within hours
  • Make it easy to promote and share your building’s connectivity: we will provide literature and our expert support
  • Get connected to a dedicated relationship manager to better support your tenants
  • Connect your building in a few days, at no cost
  • Connect your tenants within 24 hours
  • Free guest WiFi in reception and communal areas.
  • Free building specific Assessment Report (limited time only) 
  • Increases the Wired Score rating for your building.

For tenants:

  • Dedicated symmetrical leased lines of any speed up to 10Gbps (download and upload)
  • Cost effective options to fit businesses of all sizes
  • Connect without delays as you move in (within 24 hours)
  • No need to bring your own internet connection, just move in and start working
  • Short term connections whilst they wait for other services to be delivered should they have existing contracts in place
  • Backup connectivity for existing tenants meaning your building never has downtime

Tenants can also access these services from Telcom, so they can interface with the same team for all their internet requirements:

  • Get hosted VoIP together with your internet connection
  • Bespoke managed WiFi solutions
  • On-premise or virtual firewall
  • Assistance with an internet connection from any top-tier provider

How to activate your building this week

We’ve kept the process simple: once you’ve received your free assessment report and decide Preconnect is the right upgrade for your building, we can have Preconnect installed within a matter of weeks, the installation itself taking around 2-4 days with minimal disruption to building activities.

If you’re a commercial tenant, share this page with your managing agent explaining how having faster internet would improve your business. Put in them in touch with us, and we’ll do the rest. We will let you know when ultrafast internet becomes available in your office.

If you’re an agent or a landlord, call our team on 0330 122 2970, or email us at [email protected] Our engineering team will complete a free building audit, and we will then discuss the details of our Preconnect partnership, as well as providing literature templates to let your tenants know ultrafast internet is in the building, and they can get connected in less than 24 hours.

Visit to find out more.

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