Meet Rob Dunne, data/communication engineer.

What's your background?

After leaving the Armed forces, after serving fourteen years, I served three years employed by Metronet (now M247) before moving to Telcom last year. After leaving the Armed forces I was contacted by a close friend (Lee Lawrence - then operations director of M247) who offered me a role within the engineering department at Metronet (now M247).

What do you enjoy about working for Telcom?

Telcom is different to other employers with the Armed force and with M247 my job always felt regimented and you were babysat all the time to an extent. This doesn't happen at Telcom and is more laid back and you are trusted a lot more showing trust in your abilities. I enjoy the working environment at Telcom. From the top to the bottom each person is a pleasure to work with.

What was one difficult job you solved as a team?

Completing a very testing and extensive job completing our first smart building at Yorkshire house. A real sense of achievement came from completing that job as a whole as it was our first go at this and we had to work hard as a team to make sure each component went in correctly.

Meet Gary Nutbeam, data/communication engineer.

What's your background?

Eight years service within the Armed forces as a communications specialist followed by three years as a telecommunications engineer at Telcom and another telecoms company.
I became an engineer after I completed a five-week training course at CTTS gaining knowledge of the telecommunications industry whilst gaining valuable experience and knowledge within the field.

What drew you to Telcom?

The fact that Telcom was a new startup company drew me in as I wanted to be part of a close team rather than a small part of a bigger company: we are all part of the journey and the business and not just seen as just another employee.
Also, I enjoy the variety of installations that I go on, meaning that my skillset and routine are ever changing and developing.

What’s one memorable story from your time at Telcom?

My most memorable moment from my time with Telcom was when my complete toolkit was stolen from a building site in Manchester. The whole Telcom team helped me replace all tools with great kindness. Again showing the value of being involved with a small, close, company.

Tell me something about you that no one in the team knows?

As a child, I took dance lessons and attended/competed at various levels in various competitions.

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