On Tuesday morning, Edwards & co, Manchester's leading independent commercial property consultants, organised a business breakfast in collaboration with Telcom, to discuss business connectivity and the future of PropTech.

The event took place at the Great John Street Hotel, and gathered people from all the main property firms in Manchester.

Herb Kim, Chairman of Tech North, kicked off the session with an overview of the North as a thriving digital system with lots to offer. Herb mentioned the brand prominence of other cities, such as London and Berlin, as one of the major obstacles to pass in order to attract more talent.

Next, Doug Ward, co-founder of Telcom Networks, expanded on how technology will be crucial for the UK and the North in particular to grow as a tech destination and a leader in a digital future.

Doug then gave an overview of how Smart Buildings will change the way connectivity is currently thought of, both in terms of speed and management.

Whereas the current infrastructure charges based on speed and relies on old technologies, Telcom fibre infrastructure can handle much higher speeds than currently needed, and can be turned up in the future without having to rewire any buildings.

This will make hihg-speed internet ubiquitous, and future proof commercial property.

Doug then introduced Node, Telcom's solution to connect commercial property to reliable infrastructure, and upgrade and manage the internal building network.
With this plug-and-play interface, new tenants will be able to select their desired speed and be ready to connect in hours, not days. Node is also fully IoT ready and complies with the main connectivity Certification rating standard to make buildings more appealing to new tenants.

The event ended with a Q&A from the attendees, touching on resilience, the future value of internet connectivity, and specific questions about Node.

We thank Edwards & co for organising such a forward-thinking event with us, contributing to establish Manchester and the UK as a future digital leader.

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