For something that on the surface seems quite simple, connection options can be quite complicated; there are many different options to be balanced and jargon to be waded through, from things like 'contention rates' to the more common factors like download speed.

We've been making an effort to make our connection offering much clearer and simpler which will hopefully make the decision for customers much easier.

Our new offering is split into two decisions; the connection class, and the speed.

Decision 1: Connection class

Not everyone's connection needs are the same; customers ask us for everything from a simple "just get me online" connection to fully dedicated connections. For this reason, we created the idea of a 'connection class' - think of it as the type of wire that leads to your house.

Looking at our various customers, we were able to reduce their needs down to four different classes:

  • Fibre - shared connections for home users
  • Access - a simple business connection for getting small businesses online with a basic connection
  • Essential - our main business offering, providing a connection for small to medium sized businesses who use the internet regularly
  • Priority - our top of the line connection for people who want the best we can offer. This is a connection dedicated only to your business all the way back to the UK fibre backbone.

Decision 2: Connection speed

Once you know what type of connection you want, the last thing to decide on is the speed. People are free to choose the speed they want but we realise that even understanding the speed you need can be difficult so are happy to lend as much help as we can to help people choose the speed they need.

We've kept the number of speed options available in each connection class down to three or less options per connection class, keeping this second decision as simple as possible.

Making pricing and options unmysterious

Not only does this new offering strive to lower the complexity of getting connected but we hope it will also remove a lot of the mystery of our offerings and pricing. We'll be constantly looking at new ways to make our offering simpler and clearer and are always on the look out for feedback. If you have any thoughts or ideas, we love to hear them - check out our contact page on how to send us a message!

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